The Environment

The decree of the Creator for mankind to take dominion over the earth and subdue it and to be fruitful and multiply should be pursued. This mandate directs the full and responsible utilization of the earth’s natural resources, which includes elevating the needs of people over animals and plants.

Everybody wants clean air and water for themselves and others, except for a few corporate operatives, so whether there should be clear air and water is not the issue. The issue is whether the Creator will be obeyed or whether the creation will be worshiped. There is no rational basis for much of what is done in the name of the environment. For example, the heavy-handed federal government has turned the San Joaquin Valley, which used to be a fertile, productive area for growing food, into a wasteland by diverting water that would have been used for people and agriculture to try to remove some sediment from a river to supposedly benefit an imported salmon species. The federal government is taking control of agricultural lands throughout the nation on the basis that they are associated with navigable waterways which has led to a $2.8 million dollar fine being imposed on a farmer for plowing his field. A $450,000 fine has been levied against property owners for cutting down trees on their own land! If you kill the wrong spider you could go to jail! Millions of acres are roped off for a frog. Locally, this type of government regulation has prevented the development of a water source by the water board for rural families because a particular plant might be adversely affected even though there is no proof whatsoever of any harm to the plant species or the environment. In fact, all the proof indicates otherwise.

The man-made global warming initiative is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind. It is a Jonathan Gruber “Yeah, we lied to the stupid American people” kind of fraud. It is fear-mongering to establish a massive tax and spend scheme to destroy the United States through wealth transfer. Look at the Paris Climate Accord–the United States is the only country with any real obligations and they are crippling.

Collin Peterson apparently believes in the man-made global warming hoax, or at least has acquiesced to it. However, the “inconvenient truth” is that the proponents of this fraud have the burden of proving it, and they haven’t and can’t. The basis for man-made global warming is that the earth is consistently warming by about one tenth of one degree per decade for decades. The proponents think that they accurately measure that sort of small change even though temperatures are constantly changing in every location throughout the whole world every hour, of every day, of every year, and they account for natural variation that always has occurred–even periods of warming that occurred prior to industrialization. That is nonsense.

The leading man-made global warming proponents say its getting warmer because its getting colder!?!? As the scriptures say, “professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” These same people were promoting global cooling in the 1990s saying that the next ice age was upon us. That is a documented fact. So, why does this hoax persist? The progressive Democrats are facile liars and there is so much government funding to try to prove that man-made global warming does exist (which is the very antithesis of true scientific research) that “researchers” are not going to give up their government grants to say it doesn’t exist. So, they are proceeding on the basis that if they repeat this lie long enough, people will believe it even though there aren’t any facts using the scientific method of observability, testability, and repeatability in support of man-made global warming. That should be enough for this failed hypothesis (it’s not even a scientific theory, let alone not a scientific law) to be discredited, but there is more.

The weather does change, and sometimes there are very warm days–even record setting temperatures, but that always has been the case. Supposed incrementally higher average temperatures are part of the man-made global warming fraud, but weather recording stations in the past were in the country and now those areas are developed which completely accounts for the data showing a very small increase in temperature–if any! Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a so-called “greenhouse gas” but increasing levels of CO2 are completely consumed by plants, and oxygen is produced as a byproduct, in proportion to the increase. Plant production increases with increasing levels of CO2. That is a basic principal of science/agronomy/horticulture. Also, any competent horticulturist knows that a greenhouse, if anything, is an oxygen rich environment, not a CO2 rich environment! The “Chicken Littles” have been saying the “sky is falling” for many decades through “greenhouse gas” and other similar baseless messages. I know, my science teacher in high school was promoting the same the “sky is falling” message that they are promoting now–and that was over 40 years ago and the environment has not changed. Actually, this global warming hoax was being promoted in the 1860s! The “sky” hasn’t fallen and it won’t! I can go on and on, but when the underlying basis for this hoax is investigated, a person discovers that it’s all hokum and it all falls apart (Our Planet Is Not Fragile).

The federal constitution does not provide any basis whatsoever for this kind of regulation and it is contrary to the proper purposes of government. The Constitution provides for States to band together through compacts to undertake collective initiatives they deem important. If this sort of regulation is to occur, it must be occur through the authority specified by the Constitution–not through “smoke and mirrors” as it is today. State compacts provide a mechanism to address larger issues with less danger of abuse. Additionally, we need a “people first” environmental policy that would include the immediate transfer of all undeveloped land in control of the federal government to the citizens of this country first and what is left over to the States. Individuals and families are the best stewards of the land–not bureaucrats!

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