Other Issues

Currently, the government does not take a proactive position against cyber attacks. That needs to change. The government needs to aggressively punish hackers and other malicious actors–even if they are state actors–for attacks against government or persons in the United States. Additionally, why are foreign entities from Muslim nations controlling our ports? Even the Chinese are seeking control of our ports through a Hong Kong entity.

Why should the Constitution govern our affairs well over 200 years after it was established? The Revolutionary/American War occurred on the heels of the Great Awakening which was a Christian revival that redeemed the minds and hearts of the colonists according to the eternal principals and ways of the Almighty. The colonists then established a framework to govern unredeemed human nature with that understanding that led to the rise of the greatest nation on the face of the earth. Because unredeemed human nature does not change and the ways for successfully governing it do not change, the Constitution as originally understood is as valid today as it was then. If the Constitution is re-implemented as originally intended, it will lead to the successful revival of the nation.

Career politicians are not what the Founders intended. They intended a continual rotation of persons in government. The Constitution’s anti-Nobility Clauses (PDF ) demand it. A continual rotation of persons ensures that the interests of the people are represented. Career politicians produce factions, an entrenched bureaucracy, and an all-encompassing government–which is exactly what we have now. Also, if you dislike excessive electioneering, you must not vote for incumbents who have an abundance of campaign funds to use to bludgeon you with political advertising and, in effect, buy votes. Most likely these funds were obtained from special interests that work against your interests.

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