I recommend defunding the promotion of evolution. It is a destructive philosophy and there isn’t even one proof of it using the scientific method of observability, testability, and repeatability. I have asked the people at the National Geographic, leading proponents of evolution, numerous times to provide one fact in support of evolution using the scientific method, and they have not. In fact, there isn’t any known method for producing life from non-life, but there is evidence that evolution is impossible. The hypothetical simple organism that supposedly arose from primordial goo is a complete impossibility. All life is dependent on the DNA double helix, but it is so irreducibly complex that it could not have sprang spontaneously from nothing apart from the Creator. Diversity in life forms occurs through how genes are expressed–not modification. All genetic modifications are deleterious–without exception.

As stated in “Infallible Proofs” by Marvin Byers, “The discovery of DNA has, in numerous ways, decidedly put to rest the myth that the first living cell came about by some accidental or sublime event of nature, as the evolutionists claim happened. DNA consists of two very long and complex molecules with an enormous amount of information encoded into them. The two long molecules are intertwined to form a double helix. One of them has been referred to as a mirror image of the other. Scientists recognize that DNA is a major secret to life itself. But to form the first simple living cell, the two molecules had to “accidentally” form in precisely the same place in a vast ocean and at precisely the same time. Coincidentally, one had to be the mirror image of the other, and they then had to somehow get intimately intertwined.”

“At this point, the problem for an evolutionist has hardly begun, because approximately 200 other substances are needed for a simple cell to reproduce itself. The evolutionists must believe that they all formed at the same time and place in which the double helix formed in a vast ocean. The epitome of the absurd is that they also must believe that the enormously complex cell wall had to somehow form at the same time and place, through a miracle of nature, and then the cell wall accidentally enclosed the double helix and the 200 substances all at once!”

The same conclusion of the impossibility of life springing forth spontaneously from nothing is required in light of the complexity of chemical reactions that are required to support life and the Second Law of Thermodynamics–entrophy. It is inconceivable that we waste hard-earned tax dollars on this evolution nonsense and yet it is pervasive throughout the educational system and government!

No one should be surprised that children act like animals when they are taught that they are animals. The demise of the schools, and society in general, is the inevitable result of the rejection of genuine Christianity. One component of the solution to resolving school shootings is to remove the teaching of evolution from the educational system. Also, we should learn from the past and put up a sign saying, “You shall not murder” and teach the children the eternal consequences for doing so. When the schools did that, putting chewing gum under the desk and truancy were the biggest problems they had. An efficient death penalty would be useful as well.

Education is a local matter. Rather than taking money from the people and circulating it through the federal bureaucracy, decide locally how you want to use it. I recommend recognizing homeschooling as a fundamental right of parents.

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