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The “lock down” continues even though there is no science whatsoever behind it. It was based on a untested high school science experiment. Lives have been lost just because of the lockdown itself as well as trillions of dollars of economic activity.

The response to COVID-19 is 90 percent lies–according to the government’s own data! The numbers are totally manipulated (i.e., you can die of a heart attack, car wreck, or whatever and they count it as dying from this corona  virus) to serve their malicious purposes–including killing the elderly by putting people sick with this virus in nursing homes! Yes, there is such a thing as a corona virus and it is more communicable than other other influenza viruses–but it is merely another type of influenza virus. Tens of thousands of people have died from influenza every year for as long as anyone can remember, and it isn’t much different with this virus even if you don’t back-out the falsified numbers and government coercion has never been used until now to destroy peoples’ lives and the economy over it in the past, so why are the government people doing it now? Is it because of the progressive Democrats’ and the Deep State bureaucracy’s malice toward Trump? They are willing to destroy your livelihood, the State of Minnesota, and the world over their malice toward Trump–particularly poor people whom they claim to care about so much! There never was any basis, and there currently isn’t any basis, for locking-down people who are 45 years old or younger without any preexisting conditions. They have almost a zero chance of suffering any adverse consequences from this virus. More people have died from COVID-19 who were older than 100 (which is very, very few) than the people who died who were 45 and younger. This is similar to other influenza viruses of the past. Only a few in their group ever die from influenza.

The current version of this hoax is to make positive tests for the virus to be equivalent to deathsthey aren’t. In fact, the death rate for this virus is 0.001 for ages 6 to 18, 0.01 for ages 19 to 55, and 0.1 for ages 66 to 77, and 0.4 for ages 77 and up, which isn’t much different than other influenza infections in the past–a 99.74% overall success rate, which is not a pandemic–even though sick people were intentionally placed with the elderly (81% of the deaths) and killing them. The “shelter in place” tyranny did not have any effect whatsoever on these numbers and the secondary effects from the “lock-down” were far worse than any infection. Also an effective vaccine using usual methods is impossible. This corona virus rapidly mutates and flu vaccines generally are only about 40 percent effective. Even then, the 40 percent “effectiveness” may not prevent the disease–it may only limit the effect. The 40 percent effectiveness itself is doubtful because there is no way to objectively tell if the person who did not contract the illness would have if not vaccinated, or that the person who did become sick was actually helped–due to the variation in people’s conditions. So, the government is going to use a mRNA vaccination technique that affects your DNA. It has never been proven to be effective or safe even though they have been trying to develop it for about 20 years. If you won’t even eat GMO foods (which do not have any effect on your DNA) why would you allow a vaccine to be injected into you that admittedly affects your DNA?

Also, requiring healthy people to wear mask is not only tyrannical and unnecessary, but  counterproductive. Almost all available masks do not provide a seal with your face, and a virus is far too small anyway to be stopped by a mask that has pores large enough to breath through–especially the ones that are currently available. Even if the doubtful claim that masks are 65% effective were objectively verifiable, which it isn’t, then the 35% that get through are more than enough to infect you! Have you seen the equipment technicians wear in  virology laboratories? They wear full-body positive-pressure suits. That’s effective prevention against being infected by a virus. A mask is nothing like that and never has been. This is all about mind-control.  Here are the CDC’s own articles saying they don’t work! Also, there are other avenues for viral transmission such as through your eyes and through your mouth when you eat or drink anything.

Furthermore, there are treatments that provide dramatically quick and thorough recoveries.  Why aren’t they promoting these things? Because that would blow their cover on this deadly scheme! This is laid out on this video.

Those people who are 45 years or younger without preexisting conditions (which are most people) should sue Tim “The Tyrant” Walz, Keith “Antifa” Ellison, the State of Minnesota, and Anthony “The Deep State” Fauci for violating their Constitutional rights and recover all of their economic losses because the government restrictions were never closely tailored to serve a compelling government interest–certainly not as to them! Other people and businesses also can, and should, sue them–especially the relatives of the elderly people in nursing homes who died after Tim “The Dictator” Walz foolishly put people with COVID-19 with them. Was it done intentionally to elevate the death count (81 percent of the deaths) to make the COVID-19 hoax seem more like a crisis?

The only thing the LEFT can think of to address the corona virus issue is more unconstitutional government handouts that nobody prefers and that massively increase the federal deficit and will eventually destroy the nation!

What the people want is to get the government out of our business. Elected officials took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Our Constitutional Due Process rights to our property and to earn a living are being violated, as are our other Constitutional rights such as association or religion. We dont need government intervention to resolve a problem that the government created! We have had massive property loss and loss of our civil liberties.

The national debt is now its $27 trillion. Multi-national corporations are shipping our jobs overseas and foreigners are coming here to take our jobs. That foolishness has to stop!

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